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boobobob 07-30-2014 04:34 AM

Add FreeImage Non COM dll to project resources

I'm writing a little program which can open RAW image files by using FreeImage. I compiled a FreeImageNet.dll which can be build in to my project. The FreeImageNet.dll uses FreeImage.dll which is not a COM dll. I can't merge this dll in my application.

Is it possible to add FreeImage.dll to my project resources and refere to that dll, instaed of placing the dll in my projects folder.

I only want the executeble, with all dll's build in.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. This is my first time here, hope I posted this thread in the correct forum.

kakagene01 01-16-2015 11:33 AM

FreeImage dll
You will need both FreeImage.dll and FreeImageNet.dll you will need to build the FreeImageNet.dll from the wrapper provided. This is the one you will be the one for the reference. FreeImage.dll is the one you add to the project.

Check out this link http://www.sambeauvois.be/blog/2010/...s-yes-you-can/


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