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Sam_Ahhc 09-21-2014 08:08 PM

vb.net dynamic reporting
i want to write a program that allow user to customize their own reporting format then export it to pdf, excel or words file.

example :
user can put their own reporting header, footer or key in their own text
switching text position
in short, to design their own reporting format as they wish then export it to pdf, excel, words or to print it

i've seen software that enable this, but i am not sure if the developer wrote the program by using vb.net or not.

so my question are, can this be done by using vb.net ?
if yes, how can i do it ?

i understand that crystal report is a good reporting tools for vb.net, but crystal's report is pre-defined by developer for users and is not dynamic enough for users to edit it themselves (correct me if i'm wrong)

i am now using vb.net 2008 express edition

thanks in advance

JustinCase2 02-24-2015 07:52 AM

Correcting you 'cause you're wrong :)
Crystal reports is the Perfect tool for what you want to accomplish. Creating a program similar to this on Your own would be... well, a Lifetime Project. So don't start. Use Crystal reports, it can be edited by the user as he/she wishes (depending on the Version of CR the end user has i Guess, not sure if there are more lightweight ones that only let you see predefined reports). Anyway, Crystal Reports is horribly complex; don't even try to create something like that yourself (believe me, i have tried).

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