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pjstreetglide 07-31-2015 04:52 AM

Update database question
Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I'm just learning to do database programing and I'm having a problem with updating my table in my database. the changes work fine in the dataset but does not show up in the database. Here is my code...

        With ItemCheckGrid
            ColSel = .CurrentCell.ColumnIndex
            RowDex = .CurrentCell.RowIndex
            Select Case True
                Case rbOrdered.Checked
                    .Rows(RowDex).Cells(ColSel).Value = "O"
                Case rbSched.Checked
                    .Rows(RowDex).Cells(ColSel).Value = "Sch"
                Case rbIP.Checked
                    .Rows(RowDex).Cells(ColSel).Value = "IP"
                Case rbDNA.Checked
                    .Rows(RowDex).Cells(ColSel).Value = "NA"
                Case rbClear.Checked
                    .Rows(RowDex).Cells(ColSel).Value = ""
                Case rbComplete.Checked
                    .Rows(RowDex).Cells(ColSel).Value = "x"
            End Select

                Dim cb As New OleDb.OleDbCommandBuilder(da)
                If ds.Tables("Trackerds").Rows(RowDex).Item(2) = FixedGrid.Rows(RowDex).Cells(1).Value Then

                    ds.Tables("Trackerds").Rows(RowDex).Item(1) = FixedGrid.Rows(RowDex).Cells(0).Value
                    ds.Tables("Trackerds").Rows(RowDex).Item(2) = FixedGrid.Rows(RowDex).Cells(1).Value
                    ds.Tables("Trackerds").Rows(RowDex).Item(3) = FixedGrid.Rows(RowDex).Cells(2).Value
                    ds.Tables("Trackerds").Rows(RowDex).Item(ColSel + 1) = .Rows(RowDex).Cells(ColSel).Value

                    da.Update(ds, "Trackerds")
                    MsgBox(ds.Tables("Trackerds").Rows(RowDex).Item(ColSel + 1))
                    MsgBox("Entry Saved")
                End If
            Catch exceptionObject As Exception

            End Try

        End With

pschulz 08-11-2015 05:19 PM

just by watching the code, might be possible, might be, that:
The last sql-statemant, given to the DataAdapter, its not the one which is needed at this point.
The commanduilder care about the last sql-statment, given to the DataAdapter.

PlausiblyDamp 08-11-2015 05:58 PM

Been a while since I have done anything with DataSets but IIRC the lines

da.Update(ds, "Trackerds")

Need to be swapped i.e. change them to

da.Update(ds, "Trackerds")

Calling .AcceptChanges on a DataSet marks all modified rows as being Unchanged, this means when you call .Update on the DataAdapter it doesn't see any changes to propagate to the database.

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