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Cambalinho_83 04-15-2017 03:36 AM

VB 2010 - RichTextbox: how wrap and resize a table?
heres how i insert a table:

'add a description to a procedure\funtion
    ''' Description: Inserts a Wraped Text Table
    ''' </summary>
    Public Sub InsertTable(rows As Integer, cols As Integer, width As Integer)
        Dim sbTaRtf As New System.Text.StringBuilder
        For index As Integer = 1 To rows
            For columns As Integer = 1 To cols
                sbTaRtf.Append("\cellx" & (width * (columns)).ToString)  'set that cell width to 1000
            sbTaRtf.Append("\intbl \cell \row")
        Me.SelectedRtf = sbTaRtf.ToString 'me it's my RichTextBox Inherited UserControl
    End Sub

from these RTF text i see 2 problems:
1 - how can word wrap the text on cell?
2 - using the mouse, how can i resize the cell table?

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