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starmanMike 06-08-2017 05:36 AM

exe file with asp.net
Looks like a simple question which I hope has a simple answer!
I have installation files for asp.net which includes vb.net, and in fact have it installed it on this machine. What I want to know is:
Is it possible to use vb.net to produce what is a standalone .exe rather than an .aspx file?
The reason I ask is because I simply can't find my vb6 installation CD! That's it.

PlausiblyDamp 06-08-2017 03:16 PM

Yes, but not from a Web Project. You would need to create a WPF, Winforms, console or similar project to get an executable.

starmanMike 06-09-2017 03:17 AM

Many thanks for this useful reply. I've only been on this forum for 10 minutes today looking at the 2 questions I asked yesterday and received excellent advice on both my questions. Terrific stuff!

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