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Default Data Access

Hello, Hoping you could help someone with VB6 ADO experience trying to make the transition to VB2010.

Is there a definitive book on connecting to a SQL server and manipulating the data, especially retrieval, editing and updating of records.

I was used to using MS Access but have decided I should learn the big boy's database. I have a small sample project I have finally managed to get working but there seems to be so many ways to do the same thing, I would just like to learn the way that is most intuitive when reading the code.

So any pointers on the best reading for this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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Choice is a good thing.

I am not a fan of components tightly coupled to a database.

I like to use SQL queries for input and output in a loosely coupled database.
For some things it is more appropriate.

I also like to use a datagridview linked to a dataview which allows cells to be edited. Running update on the dataview updates the database.

I wouldn't fall in love with any particular tool.

As far a readability I would compartmentalize your code by creating your own classes as much as possible.


Re books.
I do not own any database books other than the "SQL for dummies" which is about the SQL language and not a database tutorial so I cannot truthfully recommend a great one.

I notice that Amazon has one entitled
"Visual Basic .NET Database Programming for Dummies"
That has a chapter on migrating from ADO to ADO.NET.
Despite the Title I find the "Dummies" Books to be very useful for getting started with new programming topics and as a future reference.

if you google. "VB.NET SQL database tutorial" You will get a number of hits.
I guess that is where I would start scanning for something useful.
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