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Default Combinatorical Function - VB.NET style.

See this thread for MathImagics' details on the Combinational Formula.

It is quite fast.
Public Class Combinational_FormulaOpt '... Public Shared Function ChooseFromTwo(ByVal N As Long, ByVal K As Long) As Decimal 'The decimal can hold up to 79 octillion Dim FactorCount As Long = System.Math.Min(K, N - K) 'This is the number of entries to factor[ (5 2) = 2; (5 3) = 2; (5 4) = 1; ] K = N - FactorCount 'The lowest distance that K is from N and 0. Dim UpperSet(FactorCount), LowerSet(FactorCount) As Long 'The lowerset will hold the numbers from 1 to FactorCount, which is N-K 'The upperset will hold the numbers from K+1 to K+N-K = N. Dim LV, IV, GCD As Integer, Verified As Boolean = True 'LV and IV are loop values, 'GCD will hold our greatest common divisor 'Verified makes sure that our values in the denominator are eliminated 'Set up our factor array. UpperSet(1) = K + 1 For LV = 2 To FactorCount LowerSet(LV) = LV UpperSet(LV) = K + LV Next For LV = FactorCount To 2 Step -1 'No need to check 1. If LowerSet(LV) > 1 Then For IV = 1 To FactorCount GCD = GreatestCommonDivisor(LowerSet(LV), UpperSet(IV)) If GCD > 1 Then UpperSet(IV) /= GCD LowerSet(LV) /= GCD End If Next End If Verified = Verified AndAlso (LowerSet(LV) <= 1) Next If Not Verified Then MessageBox.Show("Failed reduction of factors.", "Choosing Failed", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation) Else Try ChooseFromTwo = Convert.ToDecimal(UpperSet(1)) For LV = 2 To FactorCount If UpperSet(LV) > 1 Then ChooseFromTwo *= Convert.ToDecimal(UpperSet(LV)) End If Next Catch ex As System.OverflowException If Verified Then MessageBox.Show("Answer overflows!", "Choose Failed", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation) Else MessageBox.Show("Answer unobtainable! ", "Choose Failed", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation) End If End Try End If End Function Public Shared Function GreatestCommonDivisor(ByVal Num1 As Decimal, ByVal Num2 As Decimal) As Decimal Dim X As Decimal = System.Math.Max(Num1, Num2) 'X is the maximum of the two numbers. Dim Y As Decimal = System.Math.Min(Num1, Num2) 'Y is the minimum of the two numbers. Dim Remainder As Decimal = X Mod Y 'Remainder always holds the remainder. 'Method: 'Ra Rb Rc 'X = Q0 * Y + R0; Q# is quotient of X/Y, R# = remainder of X/Y 'Y = Q1 * R0 + R1; Since we have Mod, there's no need to calculate Q# 'R0 =Q2 * R1 + R2 'etc... 'Ra =Qc * Rb + Rc; a + 2 = b + 1 = c 'where Rc = 0, Rb is the GCD Do Until Remainder = 0 X = Y 'Pass Rb into Ra 'Y is smaller than X at the beginning Y = Remainder 'Pass Rc into Rb 'Remainder cannot be larger than the dividend or the divisor (than X or Y) Remainder = X Mod Y Loop 'Extract our GCD Return Y End Function End Class

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