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Old 03-17-2004, 04:41 AM
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Unhappy Format table cells : 123,456,789.00 <=> 123.456.789,00

Hi, I've got two tables in my Access which are fed with data from two corresponding excel sheets.

Since I work in Germany, we often get data in German numeric format ("," to separate thousands and "." to separate decimals) but we also get data in American format ("." to separate thousands and "," to separate decimals).

123,456,789.00 <=> 123.456.789,00

Now I want to compare those two tables and see if all cells are equal. Of course, if I have one table with German format and one with American, the cells will never be equal.

What do I do? I want it all hard-coded in Access with the user having to determine which table has what format and according to his choice (radio buttons) I will transform one table to the opposite format and then start comparing.

All cells are full only of numbers but they are all formatted as Strings.

Can anybody help? It iss very important to me.
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Old 03-18-2004, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Apu
All cells are full only of numbers but they are all formatted as Strings.
This is the root of your troubles! Had the values been stored as numbers, Access could display them in whatever custom format you desire.

If you are certain that the tables fields are defined as 'Text' data types, you will have to undo this process.

You could create some new tables with the required fields changed to a Double data type, then use an append query to read the original text from the source tables, and use some string manipulation functions to remove the 1000 mark commas/periods from the values before appending them to the correctly formatted table.
The display format of the corresponding form could then be toggled by the user using radio bottons as you describe.
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