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Default Creating a New Form of the Specified Type

This code its used to create new forms (or another types) just passing the Type of the form, this was done using a method called InvokeMember of the Type Class, this method calls the constructor of the specified Type and returns a new instance of it. So I used this code for my MDI application, this function searches for a opened window of one Type, if there is opened window, just returns that window, but if the window type is not found, return a new one. I hope help.

Public Function SearchWindow(ByVal MyFormType As Type, ByVal ParentWindow As Form) As Form

		'Check if the MyFormType is a Window
		If Not MyFormType.BaseType.Equals(GetType(Form)) Then
			MsgBox("MyFormType is not a Window")
			Exit Function
		End If
		Dim Frm As Form
		'Searches in the MDIParent object if one instance of the specified form
		'is opened, if yes return it.
		For Each Frm In ParentWindow.MdiChildren
			If Frm.GetType.Equals(MyFormType) Then
				Return Frm
			End If
		'If any form was found, so created a newone form on the specified type ;)
		Dim NewFrm As Object = MyFormType.InvokeMember(Nothing, Reflection.BindingFlags.DeclaredOnly Or Reflection.BindingFlags.Public Or Reflection.BindingFlags.NonPublic Or Reflection.BindingFlags.Instance Or Reflection.BindingFlags.CreateInstance, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing)
		'Return the new form
		Return NewFrm
End Function

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