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Old 06-25-2006, 07:03 AM
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Default programming microcontroller (PIC16F877) using VB6?

just an inquiry, because we're going to start using microcontroller this semester and i'm just curious if i could easily program a PIC16F877 using VB6, because based on what's on the net, it would be easy if I use BASIC programming language, and also from what i've read, Visual Basic is a descendant of that language.. so I just want to hear from those who knows how to program microcontrollers using VB6, if using VB6 is alright?

because if that so, i don't need to look for a BASIC compiler and study another programming language..
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Old 06-25-2006, 01:23 PM
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You need to use a compiler that is written for that Risc instruction set, if not for that particular processor.

Visual Basic can't exist without its runtime libraries, and the whole thing depends on running under Windows pretty much.
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What you may have read about on the web is something known as the "BASIC Stamp" - it is a PIC processor with a micro sized BASIC interpreter - very limited indeed! And the PIC16F877 is NOT one of the version available AFAIK (I have used them in designs at work before).

TO work with a PIC you'll either need to learn assembly (always a good thing but not everyone clicks with that the way some of us do) or C (there are several C compilers for the PIC families, and I'd suggest the CCS compiler as best for someone starting out who isn't going to learn assembly and dig into the hardware aspects of microcontrollers as they provide lots of library functions to help abstract things for you - www.ccsinfo.com).

As someone who designs embedded hardware and writes code (in assembly and C) for a living, I'd really suggest getting one of the Microchip demo boards- comes with free tools, documentation, and a boot loader so you don't even need a programmer! You could learn the ins and outs of microcontrollers and assembly all at the same time and you will be MUCH better off for having done so, even if you eventually only code in C.
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