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Unhappy accepting imput and limiting characters

alright, my 2nd day of work at my University library, and they want me to write a program in Visual Web Developer 2008 that can

1. accept a number between 1 and 99,999,999
2. accept a string between 1 and 99,999,999

and return a value: ncgre000|00000001|00000001

the second section of the returned value changes depending on what number is input, 1-1000 = 1, 1001-2000 = 2 and so on

the 3rd section is what ever number was input

the only problem is I'm only mildly familure with VB. I'm pretty proficient in C++ but i don't see how thats gonna help here

i have no idea where to start or what to even do to accept user input in VB, much less limit the number of characters and return it. well i have an idea for returning it (storing it in a variable) but im pretty lost otherwise

any suggestions?

I have my text box, and i have the number of characters limited, but im still trying to figure out how to limit its input to only numbers

Edit:wow i spelled input wrong, epic fail

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Since it sounds like you're using ASP.NET (Visual Web Developer), I'd recommend using a RangeValidator control. It natively supports checking for a number between two values. (with virtually no code)

For the String you could use a RegularExpressionValidator and just use an expression that limits the user to a certain number of digits and make them optional.

RangeValidator Class
RegularExpressionValidator Class

The best part is that you can use Client Side and Server Side validation to get the best combination of security and performance.

(There are some How Tos and Walk throughs at the bottom of my linked pages which should help show how to use these controls.)
-- wayne, MSSM Retired
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