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Old 12-03-2010, 04:35 PM
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Default How to Change the Line Weight in a the Chart Control?

I'm using Visual basic 2010.net with service pack 4.0. I'm using the built in chart control to generate a line graph. I have a series plotted on the fastline graph. Is there a way of accessing the weight/thickness/boldness of the line and changing it? I was able ton change the colour and I could even change the point size on the fastpoint graph. This is my code for anyone who is interested, although I'm not really sure if it's relevant to my post...
Private Sub DisplayGraph_frm_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        Me.Text = CustomizeGraph_frm.GraphTitle_txt.Text
        TheChart_cht.ChartAreas("ChartArea").BackColor = CustomizeGraph_frm.BackgroundColor_pnl.BackColor

        XMin = CustomizeGraph_frm.DateFrom_dtp.Value.AddHours(CustomizeGraph_frm.TimeFrom_dtp.Value.Hour).AddMinutes(CustomizeGraph_frm.TimeFrom_dtp.Value.Minute)
        XMax = CustomizeGraph_frm.DateTo_dtp.Value.AddHours(CustomizeGraph_frm.TimeTo_dtp.Value.Hour).AddMinutes(CustomizeGraph_frm.TimeTo_dtp.Value.Minute)
        XRange = DateDiff(DateInterval.Minute, XMin, XMax)
        XInterval = CustomizeGraph_frm.ReadingFrequency(CustomizeGraph_frm.ReadingFrequency_cmb.SelectedIndex)

        If CustomizeGraph_frm.ReadingFrequency_cmb.SelectedIndex >= 10 Then
            XUnit = "Minutes"
        ElseIf CustomizeGraph_frm.ReadingFrequency_cmb.SelectedIndex >= 10 And CustomizeGraph_frm.ReadingFrequency_cmb.SelectedIndex < 15 Then
            XUnit = "Days"
        ElseIf CustomizeGraph_frm.ReadingFrequency_cmb.SelectedIndex >= 15 And CustomizeGraph_frm.ReadingFrequency_cmb.SelectedIndex < 19 Then
            XUnit = "Months"
        ElseIf CustomizeGraph_frm.ReadingFrequency_cmb.SelectedIndex >= 19 Then
            XUnit = "Years"
        End If

        For i = 0 To Data.Length - 2 Step 1

            Data(i) = New Double(XRange / XInterval) {}
            For ii = 0 To XRange / XInterval Step 1
                Data(i)(ii) = RandomClass.Next(-20, 20)

            CurrentChartSeries = CustomizeGraph_frm.WaitingList_lvw.Items.Item(i).Text

            If Not CustomizeGraph_frm.WaitingList_lvw.Items.Item(i).SubItems(4).Text = "Hide Points" Then

                TheChart_cht.Series.Add(CurrentChartSeries + " Points")
                TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Points").ChartType = SeriesChartType.FastPoint
                TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Points").Color = ColorTranslator.FromHtml(CustomizeGraph_frm.WaitingList_lvw.Items.Item(i).SubItems(3).Text)

                If CustomizeGraph_frm.WaitingList_lvw.Items.Item(i).SubItems(4).Text = "Small" Then
                    TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Points").MarkerSize = 3
                ElseIf CustomizeGraph_frm.WaitingList_lvw.Items.Item(i).SubItems(4).Text = "Medium" Then
                    TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Points").MarkerSize = 4.5
                ElseIf CustomizeGraph_frm.WaitingList_lvw.Items.Item(i).SubItems(4).Text = "Large" Then
                    TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Points").MarkerSize = 6
                End If

                For ii = 0 To Data(i).Length - 1 Step 1
                    TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Points").Points.AddY(Data(i)(ii))

            End If

            TheChart_cht.Series.Add(CurrentChartSeries + " Lines")
            TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Lines").ChartType = SeriesChartType.FastLine
            TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Lines").Color = ColorTranslator.FromHtml(CustomizeGraph_frm.WaitingList_lvw.Items.Item(i).SubItems(1).Text)

            For ii = 0 To Data(i).Length - 1 Step 1
                TheChart_cht.Series(CurrentChartSeries + " Lines").Points.AddY(Data(i)(ii))

    End Sub
You don't really need to read all that. But my question still stands, is there a way to change the thickness of a line? It seems "MarkerSize" doesn't work with fastline graphs. Or if it does, I don't know what it actually does do?

Just as another thing, how would I changed the axis colour, axis weight/thickness/boldness, grid style and grid colour. I'm new to chart controls (just started today) I downloaded a file containing a load of information on how to do stuff. Unfortunately, it seems they can't get everything in their. If anyone knows of a good website that has information on Chart Control, please say. I've looked all over the place for information and there is very little. Charts probably aren't popular enough, which is a shame because it looks to me like Microsoft really went all out on them. You can have practically every chart available!
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Old 12-05-2010, 06:34 AM
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As for the axis:
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.LineColor = Color.Red
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.LineDashStyle = ChartDashStyle.Solid
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.ArrowStyle = AxisArrowStyle.None
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.LineWidth = 1
There's also some other styles.

For the grid:
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MinorGrid.Enabled = True
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MinorTickMark.Enabled = True
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MajorGrid.Interval = 1
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MajorTickMark.Interval = 1
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MinorGrid.Interval = 0.5
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MinorTickMark.Interval = 0.5
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MinorGrid.LineColor = Color.Blue
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MajorTickMark.LineDashStyle = ChartDashStyle.Solid
ChartName.ChartAreas("ChartAreaName").AxisY.MajorGrid.LineWidth = 1
Then you can change the axis to the X if you wish. You can even use Y2 and X2 to specify which Y or X axis if you have multiple ones.

I was also going to uploaded a file for anyone else who may find it useful. Instead, here's the link to the download page http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/mscha...ReleaseId=4418 because when I uploaded it the file exceeded the maximum file size. It contains loads of chart control function with example code. There are no projects or examples in the form of .exe but all the code you need to create graph, charts and other forms of representing data is in there. I hope someone else finds it as useful as I did.
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