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Old 02-15-2001, 10:23 PM
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Question VB.Net

Has anyone use the Beta VB.Net or attended a Demo?

I saw a demo at a VBUG in Cincy on Wednesday. They have basically created and interface to do Java / C++ style programming with VB Syntax.

Awesome, yes. All of the elements that are currently hidden from VB programmers is now in the editer. Luckily, you can collapse it and ignore it, if you want, or you can manipulate it.

I read an article that listed the top 10 differences between VB and VB.Net. Some things are as drastic as ByVal being the default for parameters vs ByRef. There is an upgrade wizard to take care of some of the differences, but I can't recall any code I've ever written that would upgrade without changes.

The traditions VB's future is uncertain. It seems Microsoft really want to move toward a common compile. They are considering whether to continue with a VB7 and beyond, or just support Vb 6 and develop VB.Net.

I can see their point with VB.Net. It makes VB an equal player with the big dogs. I don't know about your companies, but some of our developers are pretty challenged to write in the current vb style and have not been successful learning Java. This move could leave some developers behind.

I realize the traditional VB, regardless of Microsofts direction, will be a major player for years.

What thoughts do you all have?

Brian T. Wiehoff
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Old 02-16-2001, 09:58 AM
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Default Re: VB.Net

Well, I hate to be negative, but I'm not very thrilled about VB.Net. I have no direct experience with it but my coworker is working with the beta and reports his findings to me on a regular basis and everything he's told me about doesn't sound much like VB at all. He says that working with VB.Net is like learning a new language.

First off, I hate the name. VB is wildly popular and I don't think they need some cheesy 'net related name to market it. More importantly I think they're changing VB drastically and making it so much like other languages that it might as well not exist. If I wanted to be a C coder...I'd code in C/C++. If I wanted to be a Java programmer I'd code in Java. I really like VB so that's why I code in VB and VBScript. One of the things I've always liked about VB was it's VBness...which I think is starting to be stripped away in VB.Net. I've always like the fact that VB is easy to use. Some things in VB are wierd/hard to figure out at first and I don't consider it a good language for doing system programming...but if I wanted to do system programming I'd learn C/C++. I've heard that a lot of programmers have wanted VB to change to be more like C/C++ and what I don't understand is that if they wanted something more like C/C+ why didn't they just code in C/C++? I would have preferred M$ to encourage people that wanted a more C/C++ like language to learn C/C++ rather than *******ize VB. I would have much preferred to see a VB7 come out with enhancements to VB6 along the same lines that VB6 enhanced VB5. I don't think VB.Net follows this progression at all.

There are a few things I like that are coming out in VB.Net, such as the upgraded object oriented features like inheiritance. But they've changed SO much. I don't think they needed to completely gut the language to make some enhancements. The last I read (and this was a while ago) was that there were over 3 million VB programmers in world. It would seem to me that people like VB as it is. I wonder how many of these people are going to want to relearn VB.Net.

So far, everything I've heard about VB.Net makes me queasy. I'm seriously hoping that ASP.Net (God I hate these '.net' names) hasn't totally screwed up ASP. I'm thinking that it's time for me to take another look at VC++. I might look into PHP as a substitute for ASP too. My coworker read an article that said that VB.Net could flop (not likely, but could happen). From what I've heard of VB.Net I'd love to see this happen. I like VB the way it is and have no desire to become a C/C++/Java coder.

I feel that in this business you have to be able to adapt. Being resistant to change won't get you anywhere. But I can't help but be upset with the .Net changes to VB because I feel like my favorite piece of software has been re-engineered into an entirely different product.

At my last job I carried the title of 'programmer' but I had to do a lot of network stuff and user support. When things got really out of control my coworker/bro (a Mac guru who wasn't a programmer and did mostly network and user support) would say, "Enough of this, I'm going to move to Montana and become a tractor salesman." The changes in VB.Net make selling tractors look appealing to me.


PS - Sorry to ramble on and whine so much.

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Old 02-16-2001, 11:50 AM
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Default Re: VB.Net

All you said and more Paul.

I like VB, I know VB, I want to keep VB.

Basic is generally my code of choice, from learning gwbasic to VB6, passing through QB and VB4&5 I feel that I have grown up with the product and have always felt confident that I could produce the code that was asked of me.

I have deviated in the past, C, Delphi and more recently Visual Foxpro, but I always come back to VB.

Tell Bill to leave it alone, he won't hear me from over here!

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Old 02-19-2001, 08:47 AM
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Default Re: VB.Net

Mixed views here.

Hate the name, love the new object orientated features and the slight swing to C++.

When Access went from 1 to 2 it dawned on me that specialising in MS products is a constantly changing thing.

You've no choice in the matter if they want it to happen, its going to happen.

Look at RDO, intially is was the greatest thing since sliced bread, then without even telling anyone about it, it was scrapped.

Yes they are too big for their boots but what can you do??

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Old 02-20-2001, 01:23 AM
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Default Re: VB.Net

I agree with every single word that PWNettle has written.

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