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Old 11-21-2002, 10:47 PM
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Default C++ LoadBitmap


this code could be easially tailored to work with other common controls. But for this example i'm use the CStatic (for you vbr's "Label") control to display the image.

// programmer:  usetheforce2
// date:    november, 2002
// purpose:    load image into a static control
// Important:  If you copy paste this code make sure:
//        1. its a Win32 application type
//        2. press alt-f7 (project->settings) and choose the
//           "Use MFC in a shared DLL" from the MFC drop down

#include<afxwin.h>            // has all the code to do the dirty work 

class bmpApp : public CWinApp
  virtual BOOL InitInstance();    // used to initialize the app (and main window)
bmpApp mainBmp;              // declare main app object

class bmpWindow : public CFrameWnd
  CStatic* m_sBmpImage;        // private member static control
BOOL bmpApp::InitInstance()
  m_pMainWnd = new bmpWindow();    // assign our class window to the app main window
  m_pMainWnd->ShowWindow(m_nCmdShow); // load window
  m_pMainWnd->UpdateWindow();      // refresh window to ensure control are drawn properly
  return TRUE;            // return true to signify that the initiate completed properly
  // Create main window
  Create(NULL,"Load Bitmap image!",WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW,CRect(200,200,545,300),this);

  // Create static control
  m_sBmpImage = new CStatic;
  m_sBmpImage->Create("MAP:",WS_VISIBLE|WS_CHILD|SS_BITMAP, CRect(10,6,0,0),this);

  // load bitmap into static control
  // HBITMAP: accepts a handle to a bitmap created by the afxwin (loadimage()) function
  // which returns a bitmap handle. the load image function has to be typecasted to return 
  // the HBITMAP handle type.

  HBITMAP hnd;
  if(hnd == 0) // error trap
    AfxMessageBox("Unable to create bitmap handle!");
    m_sBmpImage->SetBitmap(hnd);  // once a handle is obtained to a bitmap object
                    // we can use the SetBitmap() method 
attached is the image used in the demo...
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